Remote Operated Equipment

Hazards happen; let us reduce the risk to you and your team.

Having the option of Remote Operated Equipment offers maximum flexibility when faced with a tough call. Iron Horse has researched and perfected the operation of a Remote Activated Tracked System (R.A.T.S.) and has used this equipment in the most severe situations, including the removal of Unexploded Ordinance (UXO), biohazard impacted material and Chemical Warfare Agents. Video capabilities allow skilled operators to guide the equipment as accurately as if they were manually operating the machine; providing an effective way of completing projects that would otherwise present considerable safety concerns for workers.

Our Mission

The Iron Horse Team serves our customers through excellence of service in an atmosphere that encourages innovation, professional development and diversity.

Our Vision

The Iron Horse Team will continuously strive to meet the changing needs of our customers, industry and staff by providing a modern, diverse and technologically advanced organization. We are committed to being a recognized leader in our field.

Our Values

Safety | Quality | Integrity | Teamwork