Demolition & Decommissioning

The team at Iron Horse has extensive experience in building demolition, decommissioning and debris removal. We are skilled construction debris removal specialists experienced in the complete removal of refuse and contaminants from industrial and oilfield construction sites throughout Western Canada.

Iron Horse Experience

  • Use of Hydraulic Pulverizes, Breakers, Shears
  • Use of Remote Operated Equipment
  • Sub-Surface and Above-Surface Concrete Structures
  • Various Building Structures, including Abandoned Buildings
  • Metal/Wood Structures
  • Asphalt
  • Underground, Surface and Overhead Pipes
  • Impacted Soils
  • Purging Lines
  • Remediation and Restoration

Our Mission

The Iron Horse Team serves our customers through excellence of service in an atmosphere that encourages innovation, professional development and diversity.

Our Vision

The Iron Horse Team will continuously strive to meet the changing needs of our customers, industry and staff by providing a modern, diverse and technologically advanced organization. We are committed to being a recognized leader in our field.

Our Values

Safety | Quality | Integrity | Teamwork